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Concrete Clamp

Rated to 130 bar pressure

SEA Concrete Clamps are forged, unlike many others that are cast. Castings are typically more brittle and under impact can crack and shatter. Forgings however are stonger due to the thermal cylce and deformation process they go through and are therefore more resistant to high impacts. A stronger clamp is a safer clamp and will last longer, saving time and money.

Clamps are available in both Rapid Fit and Bolted versions and come in 4" and 5".




Part Code Description "A" "B" "C"
C74B4F10 4" Bolted Clamp 116 128 145
C74B5F10 5" Bolted Clamp 140.8 149 172
C74K4F10 4" Rapid Fit Clamp 116 128 145
C74K5F10 5" Rapid Fit Clamp 140.8 149 172
C74K4F20 4" Rapid Fit Clamp - Flush Fit Lever 116 128   145  


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