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Mini Piling and Drilled Piles

Drill Bits.jpgAdvantages of using SEA Tech Mini Piling system

The use of SEA-Tech piling system offers many other advantages over other piling techniques: No removal of the drill or auger string required. No need for the installation and removal of a drill casing. No insertion of an anchor rod or reinforcement cage. No need for large amounts of drill waste removal. The SEA-Tech piling system uses larger diameter steel threaded tubes than those used in similar piling systems. The larger tube increases rigidity of the steel core section of the pile resulting in a stronger pile suitable for both tension and compression applications. Click here

Mini Pile Threaded Hollow Drill Bar

SEA threaded hollow drill bars are available in outside diameters from 38mm to 114mm with ultimate loading from 466kN to 1223kN. Standard lkengths are 3m but others are avaiulable on request. Click here

Mini Piling Drilling Technical Design Information

Click here

Mini Pile Drilling Bits

SEA supply a wide range of Mini Pile drilling bits suitable for drilling in conditions from clay to rock. The Heads range in size from 120mm OD to 300mm OD.Click here

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